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We’re a superior software company that cares about both, your company culture
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About Diligentic Infotech

Diligentic Infotech deep down is more than just your average software and mobile application company; we're a tribe of top tier humans who have pets, children, and families who care about the interests and goals of our customers first before development.

We have a strong track record for creating outstanding outcomes for applications, and that's mainly because we eat, breathe and build our client's culture and vision. Our technical team is transparent from concept creation to deployment, informing you and taking on your feedback during the development process.

The experience we have is unmatched when it comes to UI/UX, Mobile, and Web development. Our specialties are split across three technologies React Native, ReactJs, and NodeJs. All of which we utilize to deliver dynamic development to help businesses like yours grow, scale, and set the benchmark for your competitors to follow.

Why we exist

Behind the scenes of Diligentic Infotech consist of an eager bunch of everyday people who happen to have extensive experience in technology. The establishment of Diligentic Infotech was founded not on a need to make money but to support the lifestyles of tech professionals with families, saving them moving to new cities with a booming IT industry. Today we're a platform that connects people to their career, saving them compromising on their personal life.

In parallel with our family values, we also realized teaming up with technical talent can be overwhelming. Sometimes clients fail to be educated and overpay for projects that portray their concept, vision, and features. Code is often compromised and causes setbacks in the development and existence of their business. Which is why we came into place to provide solutions that are understandable, sustainable, innovative, and reap more results than your average tech consultancy.

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We're a collective of high caliber designers, developers, creators, and geniuses. We thrive off bouncing your ideas and opinions with our experience to create meaningful digital products and outcomes for your business.

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